Weekly Tech Recap:  World Environmental Day and its link to the Tech Industry, bringing more tech into the workplace, and in the news: A Cyber-attack to kick-off June!

world environmental day

World Environmental Day was the highlight of the start of the new month and has reminded us that we can all help save our environment even through technology. However, was not all for the first week of June.

From the worrying NY unemployment rate to being tech environmentally friendly, and learning about the NY transit cyberattack, the month of June has made its grand entrance.

This week felt like a blur for most people, especially since we have just got back from Memorial Day. Having a long weekend sounds like a much-needed break and we certainly hope that you are well rested and managed to get a lot done this past week.

If you have been busy playing catch up with work and have little to no time trying to keep up with the latest in the tech space, don’t worry; we’ll fill you in with a short recap on the latest in tech news this week.

Tech and Helping our Environment:

In Light of World Environmental Day being on the 5th of June and the world going remote and tech being on top of everyone’s lips; do you think it is possible for the tech industry to have a positive contribution to our environment?  Food giant, Cargill, might agree.

According to this insightful piece, Agriculture giant Cargill Inc. will start selling methane-absorbing wearable devices for cows, putting its support behind an experimental technology that could help the industry cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Click here for more. 

Bringing more tech into the workplace.

Today, when people hear the term “digital tech”, they get into a bit of a panic because they assume that it is yet another threat to their jobs or another difficult task presented before them.

When bringing technologies into the workplace, it pays to be realistic. Often, for instance, bringing new digital technology into an organization does not radically improve a firm’s operations. Despite high-level planning, a more frequent result is the messy process of frontline employees figuring out how they can get tech tools to help them to some degree.

Take a look at this article to learn more about how organizations could find better ways to introduce digital tech in the workplace.

In the news: A Cyberattack to kick-off June:

When they say that anyone could fall victim to a cyber-crime; believe them because they are absolutely right.

Hackers infiltrated computer systems for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York, setting off a scramble to counter a potentially crippling cyberattack against North America’s largest transit system, MTA officials confirmed on Wednesday.

Now if this does not raise eyebrows for this week, then we’re not quite sure what will.

Take a moment to go through this interesting article to learn more about how this all transpired.

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