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Workday Tips – Do Everything Faster With These Keyboard Tricks

This Week in Tech Recap, we highlight a human-like claim by Microsoft, making the most of virtual conferences, a few keyboard tricks, and projects that aim to look deeper into the unknown!


  • Microsoft says its AI can describe images ‘as well as people do’. “It makes it easier to find the images you’re looking for in search engines. And for visually impaired users, it can make navigating the web and software dramatically better.”
  • Almost like being there: Making the most of virtual conferences. “In-person interactions tend to be a lot looser: Running into someone you know, having a drink at a hotel bar, making last-minute dinner arrangements. Online, you have to be much more deliberate and strategic about who you want to meet.”
  • Do Everything Faster With These Keyboard Tricks. “It may not seem like a second or two would make a big difference in your workday. But seconds add up to minutes, and the momentum of being able to strike a few keys and keep typing makes an impact that’s difficult to quantify.”
  • Dark Energy: Map Gives Clue About What It Is – But Deepens Cosmic Expansion Rate Dispute. “There is only one way forward in the quest for answers – making larger and more detailed maps of the universe. Several projects are aiming to measure at least ten times more galaxies than we did.”

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