Retaining the best tech professionals in 2022

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Tech Talent: Retaining the best tech talent is not easy.

According to industry experts, recruiting talent in the tech industry will be difficult in 2022.

The battle for technology professionals is growing increasingly competitive.

Why? Software and technology have become important for firms across the economy.

In our recap this week, we look at how retaining the best tech professionals looks like in 2022.

We will also learn more about the great resignation regrets, Elon Musk’s latest buy and LinkedIn’s new titles.

How To Attract and Retain the Best Technology Professionals In The IT Sector.

As a technology leader in one of the most competitive employment markets, you are responsible for recruiting, retaining, and leading the most epic teams imaginable.

Your role as a recruiter will be even more critical in the near future.

Look at some of the cutting-edge recruiting strategies that high-tech companies use to find the best people to work for them.

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The Great Resignation Regrets

There are 20% of people who regret quitting their jobs during the Great Resignation.

According to a new Harris Poll survey by USA Today, one in five people who joined the Great Resignation regret it.

In 2021 alone, more than 47 million American workers resigned from their jobs.

Many reshuffled into a different job, but the survey found that some of these workers were lured by the prospect of a higher salary without taking other job factors into consideration.

Of those who regret their decision, the majority (36%) felt they lost a work-life balance.

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Elon Musk Wants to Buy Twitter.

On Thursday, April 14th, Elon Musk announced an offer to buy Twitter for $54.20 a share.

How did it all start? On April 4th, 2022, Elon Musk announced that he had purchased 9.1 percent of Twitter.

Musk immediately set about soliciting suggestions about ways to improve Twitter by — what else — tweeting a poll.

Twitter responded to Elon Must by offering him a board seat.

This move would have restricted him to owning just 15 percent of the company.

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LinkedIn New Job Titles: Stay at Home Mom/Dad

LinkedIn is now introducing a new job title that will help individuals fill in gaps in their work experience.

A new title called “stay at home mom” and “stay at home dad” will be added to the popular social media platform.

According to Business Insider, the move of LinkedIn to add the new titles will help users who either focused on homeschooling or child care during the pandemic to fill in the blanks on their work experience.

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New Tech Roles.

Software Engineering Manager | Full Time

Technical Analyst | Full Time | Washington, DC

Cyber Security Consultant | Full Time | Washington, DC