Robotics, AI, Rising stars of the Tech World and more Robotics!

For this week’s tech recap, we look at: Robotics, AI, Rising stars of the Tech World and more Robotics!

RoboticsRobotics is a diverse sector with many moving parts, and what its future will look like is a complex question. To offer insight in this week’s tech recap, we will be taking a looking at the Future of Robotics, Space and Robotics, Rising Stars of the Tech World, and ethical AI in robotics.

What is the Future of Robotics?

Robotics are evolving and the world is shifting closer to drones now more than ever.

Quite rapidly (though less publicly than the perception of ground robots), drones went from being freelance videographer toys and neighborhood nuisances to essential inspection tools for enterprise businesses like construction, energy and agriculture.

The number of use cases for drones also grew as drone hardware became more advanced and reliable. Advanced aerial mapping, crop monitoring, public safety uses, disaster response, and consumer drone deliveries all seemed to be on the table as the drone industry matured.

Today, there are over 350,000 registered commercial drones in the U.S!

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Robotics and Space Mining

With scientists beginning to more seriously consider constructing bases on celestial bodies such as the moon, the idea of space mining is growing in popularity.

A University of Arizona team, led by researchers in the College of Engineering, has received $500,000 in NASA funding for a new project to advance space-mining methods that use swarms of autonomous robots. As a Hispanic-Serving Institution, the university was eligible to receive funding through NASA’s Minority University Research and Education Project Space Technology Artemis Research Initiative.

For more about this innovative initiative, click here.

Rising Stars of The Tech World: Why Developers Are Job Market Royalty

There’s no denying that developers have been in high demand over the past year. While coding and programming have been valuable skills for some time, the pandemic accelerated digitalization projects for businesses, making the need to recruit tech talent far more pressing.

In the digital age, leaders looking to make killer ideas a reality turn to developers to get it done.

Developers are job market royalty. But before businesses roll out the red carpet, they need to consider what they can do to attract and motivate the best developer talent to work for them.

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Ethical Artificial Intelligence is Focus of New Robotics Program

Ethics will be at the forefront of robotics education thanks to a new University of Texas at Austin program that will train tomorrow’s technologists to understand the positive – and potentially negative – implications of their creations.

Today, much robotic technology is developed without considering its potentially harmful effects on society, including how these technologies can infringe on privacy or further economic inequity.

Learn more about The new UT Austin program and how it will fill an important educational gap by prioritizing these issues in its curriculum.

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