For this week’s tech recap, we look at: Remote Working, Mental Health in Tech, Tech Career Opportunities and Veterans Day.

Remote Working has become a norm since the start of the pandemic, but now, for employees to continue working remotely; there could be a price to pay. What does that mean?

In this week’s tech recap, we look at remote working changes, mental health in tech, Tech career opportunities and Veterans Day.

Google Remote Workers Face Pay Cuts

Millions of people are seemingly ready and willing to take a pay cut to continue working remotely.

Sixty-one percent of American workers; four in 10 Londoners; more than a quarter of office workers in the UK. Breathless media reports on the trend cite a lot of statistics, but few have found any people happily slashing their monthly household budgets.

When you look at the major technology companies actually bringing in these remote pay cuts, many employees are choosing to cut and run!

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Ways to improve Mental Health for Software Developers

With World Mental Health Day just behind us, it is best to reflect about how the tech industry can be a difficult place to stay mentally well.

Working remotely, especially under unprecedented circumstances, can make a difficult situation worse.

Software development at its best is a creative endeavour. Developers need a certain level of comfort to be able to produce quality work. Boring tasks, noisy offices and too many meetings can impact productivity even in the best of times.

Take a look at these 5 ways to improve mental health for software developers.

Senior Cyber Security Engineer (F5 Load Balancer) Career Opportunity:

Looking to take your Cyber Security career to the next level? This opportunity might be just what you need.


Develops and implements security solutions. Administers security technology systems by architecting and engineering/developing trusted systems into secure systems. Assists in the development of implementation and deployment plans that are aligned to the organizational strategic plan objectives and security requirements. Advises management in developing cybersecurity policies, processes, and procedures.


Assists with day-to-day support of security solutions.

Assists with engineering support and system administration of specialized cybersecurity solutions.

Solves complex problems and answers routine questions about the installation, operation, configuration, and customization of cybersecurity software.

Identifies potential conflicts with the implementation of any cybersecurity solutions.

Veterans Day Commemorations:

On a more special note, this week in the USA, we commemorated Veterans Day and some organizations took it upon themselves to ‘pay it forward’.

If you’ve served your country, restaurants were ready to serve you on Veterans Day.

They offered free meals, treats and special discounts to show their appreciation to veterans and active-duty military personnel, this past Thursday.

The majority of discounts were valid only on the federal holiday at participating locations nationwide, with most applying to veterans and active-duty military.