Remote Work From Anywhere Proving to be More Productive

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Remote Work From Anywhere Proving to be More Productive

This Week in Tech Recap, we highlight the next billion-dollar e-commerce startups, The Xenobot Future, Seeing is no longer believing, and Remote Work From Anywhere Future!
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  • B2B marketplaces will be the next billion-dollar e-commerce startups. “The B2B e-commerce industry has a broad reach, encompassing everything from commerce infrastructure and payments technology to procurement and supply chain solutions. But one area of the B2B e-commerce sector holds outsized promise: marketplaces.”
  • The Xenobot Future Is Coming—Start Planning Now. “It would be a tragedy to stop revolutionary technology from seeing its full potential because we failed to plan and have difficult conversations in advance.”
  • Our Work-from-Anywhere Future. “Workers are not only happier but also more productive.” Let GATE place you in a remote position!
  • Seeing Is No Longer Believing: The Manipulation of Online Images. “The lack of user-friendly forensic tools available and low levels of digital media literacy, combined, are chief barriers to those seeking to stem the tide of visual mis/disinformation online.”


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