For this week’s tech recap, we look at: Privacy and Security are rapidly becoming the most significant currency for consumers today and from AI-enabled drug developments, traveling back in time with technology to quantum computers. 

Privacy and Security

Technology and innovation have made life easier for humanity in communication and productivity in our workspaces and helping us get our daily needs such as medication or even food through innovative delivery processes.

In this week’s tech recap, we look at how some companies are innovatively protecting their privacy and security using tech, as well as the impact of an AI-enabled drug developed and more…

Moving fast and breaking things cost us our privacy and security

How much do you value your privacy and security?

With all the cybersecurity and privacy issues we have seen over the years, we can all agree that the currency of privacy and security has become much more valuable.

According to this fascinating piece, people can own their privacy again through approaching technology by consciously designing a future where technology works for humans, businesses, and society securely and ethically.

How exactly can this be done? Click here to find out.

AI-enabled drug development

The impact of Artificial Intelligence in our lives has been seen across most industries, including the pharmaceutical industry.

Absci Corp., a Vancouver company behind a multifaceted drug development platform, went public on Thursday. It’s another sign of snowballing interest in new approaches to drug development — a traditionally risky business.

This is how this company is attempting to integrate AI into drug discovery, and development processes.

The First Mobile Phone Call Was 75 Years Ago—How Technologies Go from Breakthrough to Big Time.

There is no denying that technology has given us some groundbreaking innovations over the years, such as smartphones!

Can you believe that the first mobile phone call was 75 years ago? Think about how far mobile phones have come since then? How we’re able to have our cellphones built into our wristwatches?

The people who crossed a wristwatch with a cellphone worked hard for several years to make it happen, but technology development occurs on a timescale of decades.

While the last steps of technological development capture headlines, it takes thousands of scientists and engineers working for decades on various technologies to get to the point where blockbuster products begin to capture the public’s imagination.

Take a journey back in time to learn about this fascinating journey of a smartphone.

Click here.

Google brings practical quantum computers a big step closer

To stay up-to-date, technological companies are constantly finding innovative ways to change the way we see things, and Google is no exception.

Honeywell and Google have detailed dueling demonstrations of logical qubits, a technology that can correct errors in potentially powerful but notoriously finicky quantum computers.

Read more here to learn about how this will work.

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