This Week in Tech Recap we highlight strong leadership teams, IT resume templates, 3D video conferencing technology, and the origins of ransomware threats!

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Business: Good read for businesses today on the importance of having a strong leadership team that heads their digital transformation. Employees need to stay involved in their digital initiatives and always exploring new ideas is a must. Click here for more

Tech Career: Your resume speaks a great deal of you as a professional. Make a great first impression and stand out from the crowd by using these helpful tech resume templates. Click here for more

Technology: Imagine sitting directly across from a loved one even though they live hundreds of miles away from you. That will become a reality in the near future with this 3D video conferencing technology! Click here for more

Interest: Ransomware threatens your personal information by exposing it and blocking you from having access to it. Very interesting article showing where the malware originated from. Click here for more

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