For this week’s tech recap, we look at: Digital Transformation, Cyber Monday, Tech Thanksgiving, Tech Career Opportunity.

digital transformationDigital transformation helps organizations innovate faster and better. Today, organizations can leverage industry clouds to enable strategic transformation and stay on the cutting edge because we are all aware that competition is at the heart of transformation. It requires continuous innovation and new ways to grow profits.

In this week’s tech recap, we take a look at Digital Transformation, Cyber Monday Tips, Tech Thanksgiving and a Tech Career Opportunity.

Reimagining digital transformation with industry clouds:

Industry clouds are fast gaining adoption as hyperscalers (like Google, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft) and niche players embrace business-as-a-service models.5 The industry cloud market is maturing quickly across industries.

With industry cloud, businesses have a continuously evolving digital core, on top of which, they can build differentiated capabilities. Industry clouds provide a blueprint for industry-specific transformations.

They enable organizations to modernize and innovate one tech capability or business use case at a time. This allows for a more incremental, agile modernization approach as opposed to a multiyear, risky, and expensive wholesale replacement of existing systems.

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How to Be a Savvy Shopper Amid Cyber Monday Hype

Tomorrow (29 Nov) we have Cyber Monday and most people struggle with the fear of missing out on good deals.

Fear of missing out has become one of the great marketing tactics of the holiday season. Scarcity — a limited quantity, a small-time window — pressures consumers to act quickly for fear of missing their chance. To resist that impulse, it can help to decide ahead of time on spending limits, whether you’ll buy something nonreturnable and other guidelines before adrenaline and emotions get involved.

Take a look at these helpful tips to consider before doing any shopping tomorrow.

The tech we’re thankful for:

This past week, we all took some time out to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving gives us all an opportunity to reflect on all the things we are grateful for, and that could even include being thankful for technology!

We need to remember that the ways tech can simultaneously tear us apart and bring us closer together is in sharper relief than ever.

The tech cynicism of a tech reporter has transformed into a sort of ubiquitous public foreboding about Big Tech. At the same time, the need to move, connect, laugh, or enable anything that brings us self-care and joy has taken precedence in a way it didn’t in the work-focused before times.

Click here to have a look at some of the tech we could all be thankful for 2021.

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Wishing you all happy holidays!

 Tech Career Opportunity:

IT Patient Support Technician – REMOTE | Full Time

We are looking for compassionate IT Support professional with at least 3 years of hands-on experience working with behavioral health patients.

You will be providing remote support to patients who need help getting their mobile devices to connect to telehealth video sessions with their therapist. This role requires patience, a great personality, fantastic customer service skills, good technical acumen, and a love of helping others overcome challenges!

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Help behavioral health patients (who are sometimes in a heightened emotional state), navigate their mobile devices, app store accounts, install apps like browsers or our remote-control software, make settings changes, etc. Ultimately enable them to connect to the required telemedicine solutions so they may receive therapy and/or medication management.
  • Develop a deep knowledge and understanding of our technical systems, as well as the client systems that will be the primary focus of your job duties.
  • Contribute to the Service Delivery team, and bring issues to resolution quickly and professionally
  • Demonstrate expertise in problem solving technical and user issues to successful resolution