Cybersecurity Career Opportunities are at an All-Time High

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Cybersecurity Career Opportunities are at an All-Time High

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This Week in Tech Recap, we recognize Cybersecurity Month by highlighting automation in cybersecurity, cybercrime costs and an intersesting cybersecurity career statistic for women!

-Utilizing Automation in New Security Architecture. “Organizations should therefore focus on technology that mitigates the DNS layer to prevent these bad connections, before automatically sharing this information with other security tools such as next generation firewalls. To do so, again machine learning and analytics must be utilized in order to discover whether lookups are legitimate or not.”
-Cybercrime costs industrys up to $8trn a year. “Information is no longer private and businesses need to protect their data now more than ever before.”
-Cybersecurity Career Opportunities are at an All-Time High for Women. “According to Forbes, there are more than 200,000 cybersecurity-related positions unfilled, and the number of positions available will grow by 37% in the next few years.”

-Get a Security Boost from Cybersecurity Awareness Month. “Fortunately, DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has gone beyond catchy slogans to publish a set of very useful Tip Sheets that are available to copy, distribute, summarize, or adapt to support user education efforts, without any copyright restrictions.”


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