Cryptocurrency Crash

cryptocurrency crashCryptocurrency Crash: Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin are plunging amid market panic.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency fell as much as 7.8% to $20,289, its lowest since December 2020, before rebounding slightly $20,620. It has lost around 28% since Friday and more than half of its value this year.

In our recap this week, we look at the Crypto Crash and Cybersecurity in the U.S.

We also look at The Great Resignation and the Metaverse myths.

Bitcoin: Why is the largest cryptocurrency crashing?

The story of the world’s best-known cryptocurrency is astonishingly fast-moving, and its fans will soon line up to tell you you’ve got it all wrong.

Bitcoin is trading at $21, 974 (£18,000). It’s fallen 25% in the past five days alone, to its lowest value in 18 months. Its peak of almost $70,000, in November, feels a lifetime ago.

So, what is happening and why now again?

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A New Chapter in Cyber

An SEC proposal issued in March 2022 to enhance and standardize disclosures regarding cybersecurity and risk management.

This proposal also includes strategy, governance, and incident reporting has sparked increased discussions about cyber risk in many corporate boardrooms.

At many companies, boards are asking questions about what measures they should consider taking that would help to enhance governance and improve risk management, which may also help prepare the company to meet likely new requirements.

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5 Job Interview Questions to Expect During the Great Resignation

The low unemployment rate for technologists has employers evaluating turnover data and revamping their hiring and interview processes.

They’re trying to identify potential flight risks—employees who leave after only a few months in the role, either because it’s not a great fit or they’ve sensed a better opportunity somewhere else.

During these evaluations, employers might probe a job seeker’s motivation, commitment, career objectives, triggers, work preferences, expectations, and cultural fit.

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Probing Reality and Myth in The Metaverse.

The metaverse—like many innovations—is shrouded in mysticism and skepticism.

Supporters believe that the metaverse will be revolutionary and fully transform the way we work, shop, socialize, and play. Others are more skeptical and see a hype-fueled fad that appeals to gamers and celebrities.

Here are some myths about the metaverse and now see that consumers across age cohorts will shape its purpose and prosperity.

New Roles:

Senior Data Engineer | Full Time

Virtual Full Service Accountant | Full Time

Solidity Developer | Full Time