This Week in Tech Recap we highlight Home improvement stores are getting creative in tech, Why Businesses Need Creativity, Another 5G Powered Innovation and more.

creativity in techCreativity plays an important in any business operations, including tech.

Believe it or not, most innovations stem from creativity, and that is our focus for this week’s tech recap; the role played by creativity in businesses.

Home improvement stores are getting creative in tech:

With the world ultimately going remote in the past year due to the pandemic, most businesses have had to re-look at how they do business and manage the demand for e-commerce.

To accommodate the high demand, home improvement stores in Canada used the pandemic to creatively integrate technology into their businesses by going above and beyond in giving users the ability to add things to a virtual cart.

Online shopping is made smarter thanks to creativity.

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Why Businesses Need Creativity: 

Do you think business and creativity are mutually exclusive or inclusive?

How do you think the tech industry benefits from creativity?

If these are the types of questions you have and more surrounding creativity and business, then our upcoming webinar is created just for you.

Hosted on the 13th of July, our webinar “Creativity and Why Your Business Depends on it.“ aims to help us understand the role of creativity in businesses, including the tech industry.

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Another 5G Powered Innovation.

We can all agree that 5G is what is on most people’s lips today because of the fantastic innovation it promises. Businesses are getting more innovative and creative, including driverless electric car founder: Halo.

5G technology has generated a lot of hype for its potential to power driverless cars using a remote operator, but for the past few years, that’s all it’s been — hype.

Las Vegas-based startup Halo and telecom giant T-Mobile are teaming up to change that, with a driverless electric car service in Las Vegas powered on 5G to launch later this year.

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You Can Now Rent a 3D Printed House on Airbnb

Have you always wanted to buy a 3D printed house but are not quite sure if it’s the right decision to take? Well, Airbnb has made things easier because you now have the option to rent it.

3D printing has been increasingly gaining traction over the past couple years as a low-cost way to build comfortable, durable homes.

See how you can get the 3D experience.

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