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A career in the High-End Computing field

This Week in Tech Recap we highlight demands for talented employees, careers in high-end computing, AI and digital medicine, AI-powered features that will highlight Zoom features!

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Business: With the increasing demand for talented employees and the growing popularity of working remotely, it is critical for employers to embrace remote work and ensure that managers can effectively manage offsite. Instituting the proper systems and processes is essential. Click here for more

Career: A career in the High-End Computing field encompasses a variety of job roles that range from the people that build the systems, to the admins and engineers who run them, to the programmers who create the tools and applications that put the computers to work. Click here for more

AI: AI lends its hand in advancing digital medicine! A deep learning algorithm is shared instead of data and that in turn protects the patient’s privacy. Click here for more

Interest: An AI-powered feature that will highlight the important parts of any Zoom meeting that you miss! No more worries about a missed meeting. Click here for more

Recent Job Postings:

Colorado Springs Jobs: Seeking experienced SEO Specialists or Analysts, and Digital Marketing Sales executives! Apply Within https://gatestaffing.com/jobs/location/co

New York City Jobs: Seeking experienced Software Engineers, Data Science Engineers, Front or Back end developers or SEO Specialists, or Analysts! Apply Within https://gatestaffing.com/jobs/location/ny

Washington DC Jobs: Seeking Cybersecurity Specialists, Data Architect, and Application Engineer! Apply Within https://gatestaffing.com/jobs/location/dc/

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