For this week’s tech recap, we look at: Climate Change Week!

Climate ChangeClimate Change continues to be a growing concern globally and this week was all about highlighting climate change.

In this week’s tech recap, we will shift the focus on climate change and how tech can be involved in making the difference, filling the tech skills gap and more!

Environmental Science and Technology

As mentioned, this week’s theme was climate change and that raised questions about what is currently being done not only by the government but by other organizations.

So, how does environmental science and technology mix?

In August, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced nearly $34 million in funding for 11 projects that will support high-impact research and development to improve and produce biofuels, biopower, and bioproducts.

These biomass resources, otherwise known as feedstocks, can be produced by municipal solid waste (MSW) streams and algae and converted into low-carbon fuels that can significantly contribute to the decarbonization of transportation sectors that face barriers to electrification, like aviation and marine.

Reducing the effects of climate change is possible. Take a look at this interesting piece for more context.

New Technology and Farming

Researchers have developed a new method that can automatically produce clear images even through murky water. The findings of the research were published in The Optical Society (OSA) journal ‘Optics Express’.

The new technology could be useful for searching for drowning victims, documenting submerged archaeological artefacts and monitoring underwater farms. Imaging clearly underwater is extremely challenging because the water and the particles in it tend to scatter light.

These new methods are set to overcome the limitations of traditional polarimetric underwater imaging, laying the groundwork for taking this method out of the lab and into the field.

Want to know more about how this interesting innovation will work? Read here.

Professional Recruiter Impact on Unfilled Technology Roles

The gap in tech skills is felt across the globe since going remote and finding great candidates is not an easy task most organizations manage to complete.

Every organization has experienced the ‘hole’ left behind when a key employee resigns. The impact can reverberate far beyond just a single department or project.

For the many companies who run lean these days and even those who don’t this can lead to a myriad of problems including overworked employees, frustrated project leaders and senior management as well as missed deadlines and worse.

Although you may have been able to keep things moving until you were able to fill the position, eventually you’ll need to hire a professional recruiter.

This is why you need a professional recruiter on unfilled tech roles.

Purple Perfection

Unless you’re a recruiter or a nature photographer, chances are you’ve never heard of a ‘purple squirrel.’ Surely it must mean different things to a recruiter and a nature photographer, right? What or who is this mythical(?) and elusive purple squirrel?

This interesting piece by our Founder, Michael Innamorato – shares some insights about how the purple squirrel effect comes in play for both the recruiter and potential employer du+ring the hiring processes.

If you are intrigued to learn more about what this means, click here to read.

Climate Change Week Facts

If this was the first time you have heard about climate change week, it is never too late to start learning.

Here is a great summary about all you need to know about Climate Week.