For this week’s tech recap, we look at: Business Processes for 2022 , Hybrid working, The Best of CES 2022, New Tech Roles.

Business Processes for 2022Business Processes are changing, and companies are gearing up for an innovative year. By now, we have discovered that the greatest value businesses can get from new systems is to evaluate how current business processes can be improved to maximize customer service, productivity, and marketing capabilities.

In this week’s recap, we take a look at Business Processes for 2022, Hybrid working, The Best of CES 2022, and New Tech Roles.

Business Processes for 2022: What Should We Expect?

Business processes change as a means to improve performance, reduce costs, and increase profitability.  This new year presents us with new opportunities to do things differently and relook at what worked and what didn’t.

When planned and implemented effectively, business process changes initiatives result in permanent operational improvements that can help achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

So, what business processes are going to be implemented this year that you can use in your own business?

Hybrid Working Will Demand Leaders Develop New Communication Skills

Good workplace communication goes beyond equipment and solutions. Even when the technology works perfectly, employees and employers can still cross wires. This can lead to crumbling lines of communication and growing mistrust.

To narrow this widening gap, employers need a thorough grasp of their employees’ experience at work.

Genuine engagement – via a third-party survey or regular cross-organization meets – is vital for ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Failing to address the communication breakdown may even be impacting a business’s long-term output, contributing to the “Great Resignation” phenomenon.

How can business leaders tackle this?

The Best of CES 2022

CES, the global stage for tech innovation took place this week from Wednesday, 05 Jan 2022 – Sat, 08 Jan 2022.

The show featured a plethora of exhibitors that advanced two of the most compelling technology megatrends of the future: intelligent automation and the evolution of the metaverse!

Of all the amazing and beautiful gadgets on display—both in Las Vegas and virtually—these are the products which exhibited the strongest sense of innovation and vision within their categories.

They achieve this through groundbreaking industrial design, innovative engineering, and simply seeing the future and realizing it in a product you can touch, hold, ride, or wear.

New Tech Roles

IT System Administrator | Full Time

Job Summary:

The IT Administrator is responsible for the upkeep and configuration of customer IT systems. Under the supervision of the Service Delivery Manager, the IT Administrator is responsible for creating, deactivating, auditing and updating various systems, documenting processes and creating reports. The IT Administrator has a proven track record of working independently and is a strong verbal and written communicator, attentive to detail, and extremely comfortable navigating data and details across multiple platforms.

Job Responsibilities:

  • First level support of alerts
  • Monitor SIEM
  • Monitor backups (Cloudbery/MSP360, and Backupfiy)
  • Manage Datto RMM

Do you have what it takes for this new role?