Bitcoin Education

bitcoin educationBitcoin Education: Bitcoin (BTC) reached an all-time high of over $68,000 in November 2021 after starting the year at just under $30,000.

There are speculations and predictions that Cryptocyrreny will do what email did to postal services.

Now, just imagine yourself not knowing how to send an email!

This is one of the crucial reasons why we should be educated about Cryptocurrency to prepare for the future’s economy.

In our recap this week, we look at Bitcoin Education and Quantum Computing Ethics.

We also touch on Human Vs. Artificial Intelligence as well as Coinbase Technology.

Bitcoin Academy in Brooklyn

The founder of financial tech company Block Inc., Jack Dorsey announced he is collaborating with the rapper Jay-Z by launching a Bitcoin Academy in Brooklyn.

The Bitcoin Academy’s mission aims to empower and provide education to the region.

The project’s website further details those residents of Marcy House, located in Brooklyn, New York will be eligible for free courses and other benefits like internet data plan.

“Education is where we start. This isn’t just about bitcoin…it’s about long-term thinking, local economies, and self-confidence.”

For more details on this great launch, click here.

Quantum computing may create ethical risks for businesses.

New technologies bring new opportunities and new risks, and quantum computers are no exception.

While companies and governments are investing billions in quantum technologies, many questions remain about usage and use cases.

Quantum’s “known unknowns” include potential ethical considerations from abuse, misuse, or unintended consequences.

To safeguard organizations and their reputations, leaders will need to put appropriate ethical guardrails in place.

The challenge, of course, is designing guardrails for a technology that currently has undefined powers and applications.

Read more about the three ways that quantum computing may create ethical risks.

Human Vs. Artificial Intelligence: Finding the Right Balance.

How do we find the right balance between intelligent machines and human intelligence?

What roles should be given over to machines? And which roles are best suited to humans?

As Stanford professor Andrew NG puts it, “If a typical person can do a mental task with less than one second of thought, we can probably automate it using AI either now or in the near future.”

In other words, human jobs that are built on some sort of input-to-output scenario are very likely to be automated in the future.

So, what will happen to human workers? Read here to find out.

Coinbase Technologist Hiring Enters a Deeper Freeze

Two weeks ago, crypto exchange Coinbase indicated it would slow hiring and “reassess” its headcount needs.

Now the company is taking even more drastic measures, including a hiring freeze and rescinding some accepted job offers.

Like some other companies during layoffs and/or a hiring freeze, Coinbase is also offering support to those impacted.

A “talent hub” will offer “job placement support, resume review, interview coaching and access to our strong industry connections.”

Read more about this developing story here.

New Tech Roles:

Virtual Full Service Accountant | Full Time

Senior QA Tester | Full Time