For this week’s tech recap, we look at: Big Data, the demand for top technology talent, the history of personal computers and the Rationale of Data Modeling.

Big DataBig Data has been the driving force behind organizations moving into Cloud. The sheer scale of the data sets fund managers now use every day to shape their investment decisions is so large, that cloud-based data management and analytics solutions have become the most obvious choice.

For this week’s tech recap, we take a look at Big Data and Cloud, options between Developer, DevOps, or cyber security and which top technology talent are employers looking for right now, the history of personal computers and data modeling.

Big Data

The Financial Services is now starting to grasp the idea around the importance of technology as part of their operations.

Since the industry first grasped the opportunity offered by cloud technology of virtually unlimited, scalable storage and compute that is available on demand, fund managers have been embracing cloud-based solutions in growing numbers.

Take a look at these crucial factors that can assist the financial industry (and other industries dealing with big data) to better manage their data through cloud-based services.

Which top technology talent is your employer looking for right now?

In the future, as more companies seek a digital-first approach to their business, the demand for digital skills will grow exponentially.

Finding developers, cybersecurity experts, and cloud migration experts is a challenge for many recruitment managers, as organizations are looking to long-term growth and sustainability after a period of rapid change. This is the most important issue.

Do you have all the necessary skills? Is your company hiring the relevant tech talent?

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The most important personal computers in history

Forty years ago this week, the iconic IBM PC made its debut, cementing the personal computer as a mainstream product category to be reckoned with. Within a few years, America — and the world — went computer wild, with home computers suddenly the province of ordinary people.

But which desktop computers go down as the most influential of all time? Here are 10 that changed the game. 

Data Modeling:

What is your understanding of Data Modeling? Are you aware of the great potential it holds?

In simple terms, data modelling can be described as the process of creating a visual representation of either a whole information system or parts of it to communicate connections between data points and structures.

The process begins by collecting information about business requirements from stakeholders and end-users. These business rules are then translated into data structures to formulate a concrete database design.

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