This Week in Tech Recap we highlight AI and the Arts, The Latest AI Google Invention, Confidential Computing, and so much more!

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence now has the power to influence different types of markets, and for this week’s tech recap, we take a look at the remarkable impact AI has in our lives.

AI and the Arts: 

If you thought AI and art could never mix, then we’ve got another thing coming for you.

Based in LA, Turkish digital artist Refik Anadol brings his signature style of AI and media-enriched works to explore the relationship between technology and art.

His futuristic piece Quantum Memories draws upon a dataset of more than two hundred million nature-related images from the internet processed with quantum computing software, followed by machine learning algorithms.

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The Latest AI Google invention: 

A new suite of algorithms by Google Brain can now design computer chips—tailored explicitly for running AI software—that vastly outperform those created by human experts. And the system works in just a few hours, dramatically slashing the weeks- or months-long process that normally gums up digital innovation.

Designers are a type of machine learning called deep reinforcement learning at the heart of these robotic chips.

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Confidential Computing:

The confidential computing approach is another added layer of cybersecurity. The more layers you have, the odds are that it becomes increasingly more challenging for someone to crack through. Now, what does that have anything to do with AI today?

We advise you to grab a refreshment while you go through this piece; it is pretty mind-stimulating.

Economic reopening:

We are amidst a sprawling renegotiation between employers and employees as to the very nature of work. No one has more leverage than skilled technologists — many of whom feel unmoored from their current jobs.

Fast-growing upstarts have a lot of advantages. First, more prominent companies may be more likely to attempt to recreate the office environment of the past — primarily if they have leased space and a built environment that will be difficult to unwind.

Startups are often nontraditional and may react to create the hybrid work environments many technologists crave as the economy reopens.

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