Applicant Tracking Systemsapplicant tracking systems

An applicant tracking system is a software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment and hiring needs.

An Application Tracking System can be implemented or accessed online.

This can be at enterprise- or small-business levels, depending on the needs of the organization.

In our recap this week, we unpack Applicant Tracking Systems, Crypto gaming, and Google maps.

We will also be looking at Gen Z Trains for Employers, and How the Metaverse Will Change Cryptocurrency.

5 Things You Need to Know About Applicant Tracking Systems

The initial stage of job seeking is to make it past the point where an IT staffing firm glances at your resume and decides to keep it.

However, HR technology and the recruitment process have developed dramatically since the 1990s.

Hiring managers make hiring decisions based on more than just your resume and interview performance.

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Crypto gaming is growing, but can it reach people outside of the web3 world?

The blockchain gaming industry grew 2,000% in the past year, according to a DappRadar and Blockchain Game Alliance report from Q1 2022.

The report added there were $2.5 billion in investments for the blockchain gaming space last quarter.

While the web3 gaming world is known for play-to-earn economies, several crypto gaming studios are offering a few free-to-play options.

These options are for new users who want to experiment but might not want to fully commit.

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5 things you didn’t know Google Maps could do

Google Maps has a bunch of useful tools to help you out.

Whether you’re after directions or looking to virtually explore a far-off location.

Alongside its more obvious features, there are several things that Google Maps can do that you likely had no idea about.

Here are five things you didn’t know Google Maps could do.

Gen Z Traits Employers Need to Know

Talent and HR experts have long been concerned about the impact of the millennial generation on the workplace.

When it comes to Generation Z (or Gen Z), they’ve quickly supplanted the Millennial as the subject of scrutiny. The reason being that the oldest Millennials are approaching their middle age.

To execute a successful early talent acquisition plan and hiring playbook, you must first understand your audience.

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How The Metaverse Will Change Cryptocurrency

The metaverse and cryptocurrency seem to be concepts that go together. These virtual worlds require virtual money to spend in them.

Both form an integral part of what is being hyped these days as “web3″.

The third generation of the internet follows web1 and the world-wide-web. In addition, there is web2, which is social media.

Metaverse and cryptocurrency are separate concepts and can happily exist without each other – as we’ve seen with Bitcoin, which has utility in the real world as well as the virtual world.

And many visions of the metaverse – including Mark Zuckerberg’s only tangentially involve crypto and blockchain.

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