For this week’s tech recap, we look at: AI and Humanity, Digital ready workforces, Microsoft Windows 11 latest update, unboxed robotics

AI and HumanityAI and Humanity: Artificial Intelligence is always taking center stage when it comes to the tech world, and there may have been some concerts about it replacing some ‘human factors’ such as jobs and other tasks. However, AI cannot function entirely on its own.

For this week’s tech recap, we look at Human Assisted Artificial Intelligence, how organizations can be more digital-ready, the latest update on Windows 11, and out-of-the-box AI!

Human Assisted Artificial Intelligence

Most of us can agree that it is not easy to get people to open to new concepts, especially concepts that pose as a potential “threat.”

When it comes to AI, don’t you think it’s time we explored the endless possibilities it offers if we work WITH it?

Believe it or not, there are impactful applications of AI that still need a human assistant to ensure trustworthy, explainable, and unbiased decision-making.

Take a look at these fascinating examples that will help you look at AI in a more optimistic approach.

A Digital Ready Workforce: 

Digital transformation requires talent as the world adapts to the growth in technological innovations—the needs and expectations of the business change, which directly affects employees.

There will be new business objectives across organizations after the crisis that will require IT to adapt to new technology roles and develop new skills.

Now, how can businesses ensure that their tech talent can adapt effectively to digital transformations?

We suggest building a digital-ready workforce.

In this article, we unpack how organizations can prepare for a digital-ready workforce.

The Latest on Microsoft’s Windows 11: 

Remember a month ago when we shared about the announcement of Windows 11? 

Well, since then, Microsoft has made testing out the new Windows 11 features easier.

Microsoft just moved a recent Windows 11 preview build to the Windows Insider beta channel. One of the more stable channels of the Windows Insider program, this now makes it easier to test Windows 11, with little risk of experiencing device-breaking bugs.

The news means that if you’re interested in testing Windows 11 for the first time, you now have one more choice to get Microsoft’s latest release.

Click here to find out how you can go about this testing process.

Out of the box AI: 

Industrial robotics are known to be big and heavy — and in some cases, legitimately dangerous. They’re also challenging to train — particularly if you plan to implement them for tasks outside their purpose-built intentions.

There’s an enormous opportunity for the right AI/software company to come along and help make the bulky systems intended for things like auto manufacturing easier to program and more versatile.

Read more here to find out more about how manufacturers are getting innovative with AI and robotics.

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