We employ a multi-faceted approach to meeting our partner’s needs. Using our tools and experience we can filter the best options available for our partners from our pool of candidates. We understand that not all opportunities or candidates ‘fit into a box’ and we customize our efforts to ensure you get the right staff.

Our first step is the connection with our partner and the assignment of a dedicated team member to work directly with the partner organization.

Next, we develop a thorough position description, using an in depth needs analysis, which includes specific criteria such as corporate culture, dynamics and environment.

Now it’s time to use technology to instantly distribute and syndicate the job details to all major job board sites and social networks.

A data search based on partner needs to find active and available talent who fit the criteria. We create custom campaigns directly targeting the qualified candidates and continually fine tune filters to identify the best matches of potential candidates and identify highly targeted individuals.

Although we are using the latest automated search tools, we are ‘hands-on’, personally monitoring all system interactions of the selection process. We constantly evaluate the latest technology and keep up to date on the technical industry and its staffing needs.

When we have identified a pool of available candidates, we do a deep dive that goes beyond technical skillsets and considers behavioral and personality traits to ensure a cultural ‘fit’. Our system continuously tracks all partner and candidate data, to float the right people to the top.

Selected candidates are evaluated during a consultative process and prepared to interview with the selected partner.

As an ongoing part of building partner relationships, we follow-up to ensure we have met our partners’ needs and successfully placed the right candidate.

This process has proved highly successful and helps develop long term partner relationships.