How We Innovate

machine learning innovative technology ai robot MLAt GATE we believe that the optimum solution for finding the right candidate is at the intersection of technology and personal innovation. By utilizing the most advanced digital tools that can seamlessly integrate existing information from social media, etc. we develop and maintain a robust database of technical candidates.

Source and Find With Speed & Accuracy

  • Our technology finds top talent across hundreds of data sources and recommends the best possible matches for our partners.
  • We use a state-of-the-art recruiting CRM and ATS with innovative tools to eliminate data entry, simplify workflow and maximize productivity.
  • We find potential candidates’ personal and work phone and email from inside our software, giving our recruiters multiple options to engage new prospects, while having centralized historical communications.
  • We communicate using Email Automation, SMS text, and VoIP Calling.
  • Drip marketing campaigns are set up to nurture talent communities, engage passive talent, manage recruitment marketing, or generate top of funnel sales pipeline.
  • State-of-the-art recruiting technology that leverages machine learning, gets smarter with every search.

Be Good, Do Good and Get a Good Night Sleep!
– Michael Innamorato, Founder GATE Staffing, LLC