Need help finding the perfect IT professional? GATE
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Staffing solutions for IT is a common problem, but not for companies who partner with GATE. Our process and roster of IT superstars will find you an A+ worker that will be sure to solve all of your IT issues.

These days, finding someone who can properly keep up with your technology can be difficult and incredibly time consuming. You may be in search of someone to help you build your alternative finance or lending platform, but can’t find a coder. Or, you could be looking to hook your business into the blockchain but need someone to run your server farm.

The world of IT is huge, and can include people with a wide variety of experience and expertise, so how are you going to find the right person for the job?

You can try standard outreach tactics, but may not target who you need. A job fair might work, but most IT recruiting is done over the web, so you’ll likely come up dry.

What if there was a company that could do all of that for you AND find the perfect person every time? You don’t need to spend your time finding software developers, technical engineers or anyone else with GATE by your side.

We have a huge pool of IT professionals that have expertise in data, cryptocurrencies, software engineering/development, cloud architecture and more, all ready to begin working with you. Our candidate list is specifically curated to include as many professionals across the world of IT as possible.

That way, we can call in the perfect person to bolster your business.

software engineers

Efficiency and accuracy are GATE’s specialty

When you decide to use a recruiting company, we know that you need answers and solutions fast, so we act quickly while still being accurate.

Between position demands, your office’s culture, roster member skills and our internal information, there can be a lot of factors that decide who gets hired. We make it a point to sort through everything required and find a candidate for you while still being faster than the competition.

When you partner up with us, you just let us know what kind of IT professional you need and info about your business. Then we get right to work. You can stay focused on your work and know that a solution is right on its way.

No longer will you have the challenge of finding your perfect IT when have trained eyes that can do the looking for you. Because fintech businesses are so new, you might expect the process to be slower. Thankfully, that is incorrect. We already have an incredibly talented pool of professionals ready to work in your business. From digital banking to social finance, we have it all. And if we don’t have just the right person, we will specifically target your dream worker through our outreach.

Once we find the right person, we personally evaluate them in a consultation and prepare them to meet you.

That’s the GATE way of working and why we are such a trusted recruiter.

GATE’s long history shows we know our gigabytes from our gigabits

Our process, accuracy and retention rate has positioned GATE as the leading name in IT

Our footprint has been large enough to attract companies from every stage of development. From fresh-faced start-ups to Fortune 50 corporations, GATE has supplied businesses with highly qualified and accurate placed workers for over a decade.

Before we helped our partners find their solutions, we had our own name in the tech ring. We know just what kind of issues you have and what they mean for your company because we’ve gone through the same things. If we didn’t have the experience and the knowledge of what you’re going through, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

On top of this, we also have the best artificial intelligence and CRM for recruiting in the world. It allows us to automate some of the initial match work we do as well allow us to reach out to as many leads as possible to find you the perfect match. Our process is faster and more succinct than any other on the market.

With our history, performance and partners, we are uniquely situated on the edge of the IT workspace and have embedded ourselves into the minds of hundreds of hiring managers and candidates. If you are looking for top results from the world’s top performers, then you’ll want to partner with GATE.

Here is a list of some of our happy and trusted partners.

Clinton Auterson

Experienced Information Technology Leader Mike is my go to person when trying to find talent. I have worked with him over 10 years now and as I changed employers, I would reach out to Mike to engage with me to find resources that I needed. I have used his services in both direct hire recruitment and in staff augmentation situations. In both cases I remain to be completely satisfied with the candidates that he presents to me. He really uses my feedback on why I am turning down resumes to dial in his search to find me the best person for my need.


Raymond Hoffman

Head of People Operations at Kasisto, Inc.

Mike was a great guy to work with. Mike is excellent at recruiting but I believe his greatest strength lies in his personality. His positive outlook and easy disposition were infectious. Mike has the ability to make light of or see the positive in even the most difficult situations, he believes in himself and those around him and it makes a difference.


Mike Deluca

VP, People at AlphaSense

Michael truly understands the IT market, the underlying technologies and terms that separate programmers from systems engineers. He is diligent and active in keeping his candidates aware of new career opportunities. He has a keen eye in matching great candidates with the needs of his clients. I highly recommend Michael as a valued and competent IT recruiter that would bring value and experience to any potential Client!!

Mark Avila
Web Coordinator at ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

I only have positive things to say about Gates Staffing. This agency helped me find a full-time position with a respectable company. Michael helped me through the whole process and is extremely knowledgeable in finding the suitable talent for the job. It was a pleasure working with Gates Staffing.

What you get by partnering with GATE for your IT recruiting

When you work with us you get everything below to find amazing candidates.

  • Well sourced and qualified leads
  • Customized approach and processing for candidates
  • Prepared and ready-to-hire candidates
  • 20 years of experience and understanding with technology, both in and out of recruiting
  • Confident and efficient work that allows you to remain undistracted
  • Follow-up to make sure you have just what you need after the hire

With all of this, why look anywhere else?

This is why we would like to offer you the chance to partner with us TODAY, at no cost to you. Simply schedule a time on the form below to talk with our team and start the process.

Remember, we have the history and the talent to build yours.