Even When You Aren’t Really Looking for A New Job – Yet.

Most of us know someone who has used recruiters when looking for a job in tech or may have even used one ourselves. So, when you met that recruiter, you probably tucked the business card away or added them to your contacts. But why would a recruiter make a good addition to your network? Aside from the obvious one, that you or a friend may need their services at some point, here are 5 excellent reasons to add recruiters to your circle:

1.  A professional technology recruiter needs to know what’s happening in the industry to be successful.

To help companies find talent with the ‘right’ skills, recruiters must stay on top of what’s happening in technology. What trends are becoming movements? What skill sets are being requested the most? Are salary ranges moving up or down? A professional recruiter has his thumb on the pulse of the tech industry!

2.  The other piece of knowledge a recruiter might have is about the companies in the tech industry.

For example, there are many reasons a company may have open positions – do they have a lot of turnovers or is the company truly growing? What smaller companies are about to be acquired, which can change the entire culture of a company. What specifics skills will you need to succeed in the future? By knowing the companies that form the tech world, recruiters are in the front lines of hiring and may see what’s coming.

3.  While you may not be looking, you likely know someone who is.

Since you already have these relationships established, you can refer the job hunter to recruiters who might be able to help. Like anything else, who you know is important. On the flip side, recruiters might call you about an opening and even if it isn’t right for you, you may know someone who is perfect for it. These contacts can be worth their weight in gold and good karma can’t hurt!

4.  You also have the opportunity to help your friends and associates when they are looking to make a move.

Your existing relationships can help open doors for these folks. A recruiter is going to remember that you referred good candidates and would want to help you in return.

5.  Most importantly, when and if you do decide its time for you to make a move, already having relationships with recruiters can accelerate the process.

And for those times when the decision gets made for you – corporate downsizing, your department gets eliminated, etc.; already being in a recruiter’s network can give you a head start to scoring your next big ‘gig’! It can take quite a while to get from initial resume submission to being hired, the more you can speed up the process the better.

So, there you have it, five excellent reasons that a recruiter should be part of your network. You do want to carefully select the recruiters you include in your network, so you can then feel confident making a recommendation when needed. And at some point, you may be the one looking for a new position or even hiring staff yourself!

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