Start-ups have always been the seed of the dream of success. Technology start-ups have been some of the greatest success stories and abject fails. Statistics bear this out, within four years 44% of start-ups fail. But consider the flip side of this fact, 56% (more than half) don’t fail! While they might not become the next ‘great thing’ they do succeed on some level. So, what do the ones who succeed have in common?

There are the well-documented and often discussed things needed for start-up success, the ‘big idea’ (more on that in a minute), a good solid business plan/model and of course funding. Right up there is the right team! A lot of start-ups don’t even think about the people they need to be a success. There is this ingrained image of the tech genius and a few of his or her buddies sitting around a kitchen table or in the dorm room turning the great idea into a raging success. While this is the stuff that inspirational hit movies are made of, it isn’t a very realistic model for business success. What really helps a start-up succeed is a world-class team!

Now where exactly do you find this team? It isn’t likely that you’ve got a resource that can supply the people your start-up needs. When you invest the time in finding these people, then what’s happening with your business? For these reasons and more a thriving business benefits greatly using a professional recruiter!

A professional technology recruiter can help a start-up determine its immediate and longer-term hiring model – which positions are key within the company and what can be outsourced or contracted? What is the culture the start-up wants, the sense of purpose that drives the team to succeed and ‘stay the course’ even in difficult times? What mix of people types and styles will help the start-up grow?

Hiring the right talent, the first time is crucial for a start-up. The investment, both financial and in time spent, for a start-up is extremely valuable, this time would otherwise be spent on continued product development or business growth. A start-up doesn’t have the luxury of time to find the best talent, do an assessment, background verification and reference checking. A professional recruiter shortens the time investment by doing this part of the work and then sending the pre-vetted candidate for an interview. The financial cost of the professional recruiter is far outweighed by the time savings. However, it is important to note that a start-up can’t afford to make ‘bad hires,’ so the opportunity to try out a candidate before committing to hire can also be a major savings.

Another big advantage the professional technology recruiter brings to a start-up is the depth of their candidate database source. A professional recruiter is more likely to know who isn’t looking but has always wanted to work with a start-up. Even if you could find these ‘hidden’ folks, the time and effort investment is likely to be huge. A recruiter also has the resources to take your search beyond just the local area, and in today’s remote work model hiring the right talent doesn’t have to have geographical limits.

A long term relationship with your recruiter can ensure you know when a good match is available and when you are ready to make your next hire your recruiter has candidates ready to interview.

It’s important for a start-up to use all its resources wisely and that includes hiring the right talent, the first time!

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