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with the key things hiring managers want to see.hiring managers curriculum vitae

The first thing most potential employers are going to see is your CV. The better it highlights your skills and capabilities, the better chance you are going to get to the next step in the hiring process. For data scientists that needs to be more than just a typical resume that lists your background, job history and skills. So, what do hiring managers really want to see on your CV?

1. Educational Background is especially important when you are looking for your first job in data science. But it can be equally valuable further into your career. If you have an advanced degree (MSc or PhD) include the research and projects you worked on, if possible, include a link to the work. Also take the opportunity to include some details such as algorithms and assumptions that were part of your education.

2. Programming Skills are obviously quite important and again go beyond just listing them. Include the years of experience with each type and provide examples of your work. Then take it even further to include the impact of your work, including business results. State these upfront, don’t make the employer look for these.

3. External Accreditations is an excellent way to showcase the depth and breadth of your technical skills including the tools and processes with which you have experience. This is also a good place to demonstrate how these have increased your abilities to affect the business and your commitment to continuous learning.

4. Soft Skills are becoming more important even in technical fields like data science. Good communication skills help create a good work team as well as the ability to explain not just your work, but its impact on the business. Beyond communication, there are the skills to mentor other staff members as a first step towards management. To learn more about increasingly valuable soft skills see our earlier post ‘The Softer Side of Tech’.

These suggestions have one very important thing in common — focusing on the business value in every area. This is probably the single most significant component of your education and experiences for a potential manager. The ability to contribute to the success of the business cannot be overstated.

While you don’t want to exaggerate, don’t undersell yourself either. Showcase what you’ve accomplished and other activities that might be a positive contribution. Do you have a blog with a focus on data science or technology, include a link to it or any articles you may have written whether online or print? Project work that showcased or expanded on your skills may also be worth including.

One last important tip have multiple people you trust review your resume and give you their opinion and suggestions. With a bit of work, you can create a truly outstanding CV with the information potential hiring managers want to see.

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