tech staff hiring challenges issues hireYou may not have noticed, but there is a global talent shortage. Nowhere is that more evident than in the technical sector of just about every business. Unemployment is at an all time low and you are competing against all those exciting start-ups! As this need for skilled and experienced technical people continues to grow, it makes finding the ideal candidate and getting them on-board a real challenge. But hey, who doesn’t love a challenge?

One of the first challenges facing any company looking to hire tech staff is the serious lack of candidates with the proper technical skills. Particularly in short supply are front-end developers, AI specialists, cybersecurity, and even big data. So, if you can’t find what you need in the marketplace, what are your options? You can train and develop your existing staff. Even though this may require an investment of time and money, it can be worth it to ‘grow’ internally from sharp, proven employees that are eager for advancement. As a first step the company should determine the skills needed both now and in the future. Identify who, with the right training could present a solution to your need.

Before you can even start the hiring process, the company needs to have the budget to bring the right person/people on board. With the high salaries that skilled tech staff command, it may be difficult to get a budget approved. That is why it is so important that senior management understand and supports the positive impact of hiring the right technical staff. Having a clear idea of what the organization needs in terms of skills, personality and cultural fit can be a huge help in getting c-suite buy-in. Without an approved budget for the new staff, you really can’t move forward.

With so much competition for the tech wizards out there, the entire candidate experience needs to be outstanding. Keeping the candidate ‘in the loop’ with open communications can make a huge impact, after all no one likes to be kept hanging. For some companies this also requires speeding up the entire hiring cycle, rather than months from initial interview to actual hire, this needs to be compressed into weeks. Otherwise its quite likely you’ll lose your chosen candidates. Getting all the parties on board with this streamlined process, can be the most difficult task facing HR.

Tech has long been the standard bearer for the flexible workplace, in both hours and physical location. For years and perhaps decades developers, programmers and their compatriots have become used to working from anywhere, at any time with the only requirement being to deliver on time. As wide area networking and other communication models develop greater depth and reach, the workplace has truly become global. This can affect your hiring because many tech staff have chosen contract over full-time, permanent employment. Being creative with the package you offer including flexible work environment and other perks and benefits can make your company more attractive. Of course, the alternative is to consider working with contractors.

Finding the proper tech staff you need can just be a matter of timing, identifying the right candidate at the right time by search. Various studies have shown that more than three-fourths of tech positions are filled with passive hires, individuals who weren’t even looking for a new position. If your ideal new tech team member isn’t looking, they aren’t going to see your advertisement, no matter how many job boards you post on.

One way to address all these challenges is to work with an external recruiting partner. Once you have an approved budget, start looking for a partner to help you find the right candidate(s). Recruiters have resources and networks that aren’t available to the public. They know where to find the hidden gems and have a deep understanding of the overall technical marketplace. A good recruiter can help you determine your needs and exactly what you are looking for in your new team member. And they are out there all the time, on your behalf building a wide range of qualified candidates.

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