technology employment tech jobs career findTechnology Employment – When Data Science Isn’t Your Thing

As much as we might not want to acknowledge it, in three short months it will be 2020. As we begin the second decade of the 21st century it seems like the perfect time to see what IT careers are positioned for growth.

We are seeing more companies moving towards the digital model and the growth of roles focused on artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), the Internet of Things (IoT). That is creating incredible opportunities for careers in data science. We will see continued growth in certain already in-demand areas like full stack developers and data scientists. But we will also see significant growth in those careers as analysts at the intersection of business and IT.

Technology is no longer a ‘stand-alone’ or support function, it has become an integral part of businesses operations. Assembling relevant information and analyzing its impact on a business today and to shape the future is what these positions will deliver to the business leadership.

1. Security Systems Analysts are in huge demand as we are bombarded on an almost daily basis with security breaches, cyber stalking, and personal & corporate information theft. The first line of defense starts with the systems hardware and software. These must be constantly monitored and updated to provide ongoing protection from hackers, viruses, and other security breeches. Security Systems analysts have a momentual responsibility to protect the corporation’s systems and information. Projected Growth 37%.

2. Market Research Analysts gather and analyze data and study market conditions to examine and project potential sales of a service or product. By reviewing consumer behaviors and their demographics, they help companies predict which products/services will sell and at what price point. This information can also supply direction for new product/services development, both of which can have a positive impact on business growth.

3. Information Systems Analysts Projected Growth 28%.

4. Business Analysts approach work from the business side to determine which apps the company needs to make a process work. They gather information from competitors and use industry trends to determine the company’s current position and how to grow in a cost-effective way. Business analysts also evaluate processes and procedures to identify areas for improvement. Projected growth 10%.

Certain areas of application development are also projected to see continued growth, with Mobile Applications leading the way with projected growth of 57%. Though the need for application developers in other areas also expect growth it is at much lower rate. Software developers’ growth is projected to be about half of the Mobile Applications at 25% followed by Web developers at 15%.

Clearly there are plenty of technology employment opportunities in the coming decade and they don’t all require you to be a data scientist or work with artificial intelligence or machine learning. The candidates who have mastered soft skills like communication along with technical expertise are the most in demand. Combined with an understanding of how technology is leveraged to improve business processes and impacts profitability and growth can make for the ideal candidate.

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