tech employment 2020 new year opportunities2019 was a very good year for tech employment for both companies looking to hire new tech talent and candidates looking for their next career move. During the first eight (8) months of 2019, tech sector hiring was up by an estimated 90k positions filled! And considering that as of June there were 700,000 open tech jobs, it doesn’t look like that’s slowing down any in 2020! The most in demand skills included cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and analytical reasoning. Machine learning as an extension of big data and AI is another booming field. This is a great time to be a ‘tech-y’!

There were more than a few innovations in the recruiting and hiring worlds in 2019 as well. The increased use of technical tools to attract, sift-thru and find the best ‘fit’ made it easier to spot the best candidates. This also helped shorten the entire hiring cycle and ensured hiring managers were meeting with only their ideal potential team members. Recruiters also used AI and Machine Learning to select the key words and phrases that had a proven track record in successful job postings.

By focusing the job posting to reflect the success factors, the field of potentials was organically narrowed to the best ‘fit’ candidates. Because the process of matching technical capabilities became more automated, recruiters were able to focus on ‘soft’ or perhaps more aptly described ‘power skills’ including communications, problem-solving, teamwork and leadership to name just a few. These key knowledge and ability areas are key to team and project success – no matter how good your technical skill sets, if you can’t get the message to senior management your potential is limited.

These changes were also beneficial to candidates seeking the next move in their careers. The more focused a job posting, the less time a candidate wastes on applying for positions that aren’t a good fit. Knowing exactly what skills, capabilities and experience potential employers are seeking the easier a candidate can find the right ‘match.’ And the ever-increasing focus on the ‘soft/power skills’ allows a candidate to showcase their leadership capacity. And what do we see on the horizon for 2020? First the number of unfilled positions is actually growing. Not only are large, multi-national companies, government and academia hiring Data Scientists with AI and ML skills but so are smaller organizations and nonprofits.

The opportunity to find an entry level position and learn from experienced, highly skilled individuals exist in high numbers as do mid- and higher-career level roles where project leadership capabilities allow senior IT managers to shine. In addition to the ever-increasing number of open positions, there are seemingly unlimited learning opportunities to acquire new technical skills. Formal classroom education, online learning and self-paced independent training are all available. If you are ready to take your next step in your career for tech employment, 2020 is brimming with lots of ways and places to do that!

For employers and recruiters, the use of automated tools will only increase. Chatbots will start to serve as the first level of interface with candidates, walking them thru the process and answering questions. By the time the hiring manager meets with a candidate, they will know far more than they would have gleaned by reviewing a resume. Exciting new tools are on the horizon as well as increasing use of the old stand bys, such as getting the team involved in the selection and interview process. The combination of increased automation and personal interface with key candidates will make for a better hiring experience for the candidate and a smoother process for the organization for tech employment.

Look for more insight into the recruiting and hiring process on both sides as we explore these topics in greater detail in future blog posts. Thank you for following GATE Staffing this year and best wishes for a fabulous 2020!