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Regarding tech employment, the conventional wisdom has been that the first couple months of the year yield the best results, based on a few assumptions. Hiring managers have their new budgets, any open positions from the previous year can be filled, end-of-year holidays and vacations are over and its back to work. But there are other points-of-view that say the fall is the best time or the spring, though everyone pretty much agrees the summer is the worst time to look for a new job.

So, does the conventional wisdom still hold true? Well yes and no, data does support that more hiring occurs in the first quarter of the year. But the first quarter comes at different times for different companies or organizations. For example, Apple’s fiscal year ends in September, as does the federal government. But most state government’s year end occurs on June 30th. It’s worthwhile to do the research and find out when the company’s fiscal year end occurs.

It turns out that lots of hiring occurs in September and October, too. Because summer is a slow time for tech hiring, it naturally picks-up in the fall. Vacation time is over, hiring managers and executives who approve hires are back in the office. Vacation also has an impact in creating a backlog of work, which can lead to a second hiring “wave” in the fall. If this coincides with the fiscal year end for the organization you are looking at, it could be a double bonus.

Sometimes the best time to find a job in a specific organization is based on what’s happening internally. Companies can find themselves in need of staff for a new project or contract and in periods of growth, for example a successful new product launch or a technology advance that creates new development requirements. If you have a specific company or a few that you’re looking at establish an internal connection that will keep you up to date. You can also set up an alert on a job site to keep you informed.

So, is there really a best ‘time’ to look for a new tech job? Yes, there is, when you need or want one! Its especially important when you are looking for a job, to keep your resume updated – at least twice a year and do the same with your LinkedIn profile. You’ll also want to expand your network; you really never know who can connect you with an opportunity or take you one step closer to it! One person you want in your network is a professional recruiter. Recruiters know what’s going on in their industry or industries and can help you get to the opportunities you want. To learn more about how a professional recruiter can help you see our recent post “Why You Need a Recruiter in Your Network.

Perhaps the best advice on when you should look for a job is from career expert Vicki Salemi who said “the best time to look for something new is always right now, so keep searching, maintain momentum, continue looking and don’t give up until you land a coveted offer — the right opportunity is just waiting for you to pursue it.”

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