We are already six weeks into the new decade – no, I can’t believe it either – but, if you are looking to make a job change this year its definitely time to update your CV. There is no shortage of suggestions and recommendations, some of which directly contradict one another! To save you time, I’ve created a list of the FIVE that I, as a recruiter consider, to be the top ideas. If you have a suggestion of your own or disagree with my ideas, please share that in the comments, thanks.

1.  I consider these so basic I really don’t think I should have to mention them but please, please, please SPELL CHECK and grammar check. These are built-ins for most word processing software, but if you want to be really, really sure use Grammarly, it’s a feature-rich yet not overpowering app that thoroughly checks a document – even the free version is worth using. Also make sure you are using the proper word, in the proper context, some are quite easily mixed up.

2.  You may feel you have a lot to say, but your CV should go for SIMPLE – clear, easy to read with lots of white space. No one wants to or likely will read thru 3-4 pages of 10-point, single spaced material. If you have that many accomplishments, etc. to share consider creating a web site to complement your CV. That also gives you an opportunity to expand on specific successes.

3.  Update both your skills and the terminology, you are using. Then correlate the terms to those used in the job posting. Generally, the first pass is an automated scan and it will be looking for key word matches. Speaking of which, the cleaner your CV, the better it will scan.

4.  Anytime you can use statistics and numbers to quantify your successes, do it! These clearly show your potential value to the company.

5.  Last but certainly not least is format and design. If you have the word RESUME or CV at the top of the document, remove it and replace it with the job you want to be hired for. That top line is ‘key real estate,’ don’t waste it. Start with a summary or introduction, which should be a value of what you bring to the role. Spotlight your key skills and accomplishments. Finally, your employment history should only include the last decade and start with your latest job first. If you have employment that feels relevant that is more than 10 years old, you can do a one-liner and explain further in the interview or on the above suggested web site.

So, spruce up that CV and put that job hunt in high gear!

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