permanent position job temp contract workOr should I work while I’m looking?

Over 3 million people work in temporary or contract positions every week, and more than 15 million of these jobs are filled annually. Of those a third of them are offered a permanent position according to the American Staffing Association, a professional organization for staffing professionals. There are an abundance of temp and contract jobs in today’s market and specifically in information technology employment. In addition, there are more contract to permanent jobs than in the past.

Some of the positives of temporary or contract employment include:

1. A way for the unemployed to get back into the job market
Without current experience it can be impossible to find a job especially in technology

2. Bring in a paycheck
Unfortunately, very few people these days have the financial resources to get them through an extended period of unemployment (however short or long that may be).

3. Fill in gaps or add new skills and experience to a resume
Gaps in a resume are usually a red flag to employers, adding new skills and experiences can help fill in those gaps.

4. Opportunity to demonstrate existing skills and abilities and learn new ones
During temporary or contract employment you have the opportunity to demonstrate your existing skills and learn new ones including different technology platforms and techniques.

5. Defined length of time for the contract or temp position
A contract or temp position is usually for a defined length of time which can be beneficial .

6. Often earn a higher wage in lieu of benefits (though some staffing firms offer benefits)
An employer does not have to provide benefits so they can pay more for contract or temporary positions.

7. Can lead to a permanent position or other opportunities (contract- or temp-to-hire)
Very often an employer has a position to fill but has had prior bad experiences when outright hiring someone so they have decided to start with a contract or contract-to-hire opportunity to evaluate skills, abilities and even cultural fit.

There are negatives as with anything such as the lack of benefits, although as mentioned above some staffing agencies do offer health insurance, vacation, and even 401k contributions. The more serious downside is having the next opportunity lined up for when this one is complete, if you are working with a technical recruiter or staffing agency, they can take on this role.

Of course, you could decide that you really like contract (or temporary work) and want to join the millions of other technical workers who choose to make contract work their permanent position!

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