professional recruiter tech roles jobs fillingEvery organization has experienced the ‘hole’ left behind when a key employee resigns. The impact can reverberate far beyond just a single department or project. For the many companies who run lean these days and even those who don’t this can lead to a myriad of problems including overworked employees, frustrated project leaders and senior management as well as missed deadlines and worse. Although you may have been able to keep things moving until you were able to fill the position, eventually you’ll need to hire a professional recruiter.

There are the immediate and fairly obvious concerns; remaining team members must ‘pick up the slack’ for the work the employees who are no longer there did resulting in longer work hours and increased stress. For a while the other team members can handle the increased workload, but regardless of how good your team is at some point both the quantity and quality of work will suffer. Longer hours and increased pressure to complete more work, more quickly will increase stress which can further decrease performance and work quality. For technology management increased specialization by tech professionals can create additional obstacles. In an era of increased specialization in the tech environment, it is increasingly likely that you don’t have another employee who can do the work!

Eventually, when positions go unfilled for too long it will come to the attention of senior management. Failure to fill positions can ultimately cause harm to the entire organization. They can and very likely will exert organizational pressure to get to the source of the issue, especially if multiple positions are staying open or there is ongoing turnover. Is the problem that this is a particularly challenging position to fill or is the problem more systemic? Is the failure to fill these positions due to bad hiring decisions, or does it start sooner in the process with poor hiring procedures and process?

Or it may just be the organization does not have realistic hiring goals. Previously we addressed this very issue as it relates to data scientists “Across the table companies must also reset their expectations to align more closely with reality.”

The first and most important task to fill positions quickly is to carefully define the duties and the skills the candidate needs to be successful. It is important you also consider the soft skills, recognizing that there is no perfect candidate. The whole process can collapse because many companies don’t know how to recognize the right candidate. The candidate is forced to endure interview after interview which is often referred to as ‘death by interview.’ Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

Many of these issues can be addressed by working with a professional recruiter. Their expertise can help your organization create the job description that will attract the right prospects. By vetting the prospects before your organization begins their interview process you can feel the confident the candidates meet your criteria. A professional recruiter can shorten the time to hire and help you keep those positions filled. Many companies are concerned about the cost of using an external recruiter, read our article “Why Using A Technical Recruiter Makes Sense (Cents)” to learn how cost effective it can be.

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