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In today’s market where there are many, many applicants for every opening, how do you attract the best IT talent? What are candidates looking for in potential employers and what makes them want to stay with a company?

If you are a Google or Microsoft it’s a little bit easier – you are already well known in your field, and for your great employee culture plus you offer the best compensation and benefits. Since its far more likely you aren’t one of those companies, if for no other reason then its unlikely you’d be reading an article on ‘Attracting the Best IT Talent’, what can your company do to attract the caliber of applicants the big guys do? Well you can do what they do, albeit on a not quite as grand scale, like…

making your company well known in your industry, you don’t need to try to become as famous as the big guys, but you can establish yourself as an authority by:

• Create an interesting & informative blog to attract an audience in your industry; post quality content on a consistent basis. Remember quality over quantity!

• Build a following on LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook that attracts people in your industry.

• Take the opportunity to get media exposure whenever possible. To do this, create a feed or use a tool that keeps you updated on your industry specifically targeting the New York Times, Huffington Post, Forbes, and any industry publications.

or by creating an online presence – website, Facebook, or other social media to demonstrate your company environment. You want potential employees to see that your company is a great place to work. A place where people are enjoying themselves while being productive with the latest and greatest tools, etc. Perhaps even an office decor with a designer look! An added benefit is that when your customers see how you value your employees, they will see a good company they want to work with.

You may be looking at the above suggestions and wondering exactly how you are going to generate industry recognition and create the dream office where everyone wants to work, well how about focusing on offering great salaries and above average benefits. On any lists of the ‘Best Companies to Work For’ you find benefits like health care centers, generous leave time, childcare, flextime, and telecommuting options. More and more employees want the companies they work for to demonstrate a social consciousness, supporting important causes or allowing employees time off to do volunteer work.

Its possible the best way to attract the best IT talent prospect is to go out and find them. Even if the person you have your eye on isn’t interested, they probably know someone who just might be. It never is a bad idea to let a prospect know that you are interested then when they decide to make a change you are already in their mind. You can also engage your employees in the search by offering referral bonuses.

Working with a professional recruiter can make it much easier to attract the best IT talent, their experience and expertise can help you position your company as a great place to work. A recruiter also has access to potential employees you wouldn’t reach through other methods. Lastly and perhaps most importantly recruiters have a deep understanding of the market and other organizations competing with you for the best candidates.

Let us know what strategies your business uses to attract the best talent by commenting below.

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