Really there is a connection to technology staffing between the paths you follow!

staff find match candidate fillYou remember your first car, don’t you? I sure remember mine; it was a red Buick Special with black leather seats that had a small tear, lifted rear and a scoop on the hood. I was too cool for school in that car! Well that was until it broke down one day and I did what all teenagers with a car do, I called my Dad. And for the rest of the time I drove that car either my Dad or my current pals helped me support and fix it. I preferred my Dad for obvious reasons, not the least of which was he knew what he was doing, but he wasn’t always around. But what my friends and I lacked in skills we made up for in bravado. Looking back on it, I’m not sure how that car kept running as long as it did…ah, good times~

As I moved forward in my car ownership the resources for maintenance and repair changed. I always called my Dad first, until one day he told me that he just couldn’t work on these new cars with all their electronic and computerized components. So, you asked around and sure enough, somebody had a cousin or brother that was a mechanic and did work on the side for cheap. As I moved up the chain of auto ownership – newer, better, and more expensive cars, I wanted places that had guarantees on their work like the quick lube and brake places and maybe a favorite mechanic, etc. Somewhere in there I learned the value of preventative maintenance and by the time I was driving a performance sports car, it was either the dealer or a shop that specialized in my specific model of vehicle. These guys called you to set-up the appointment and usually even supplied a loaner car.

I’ll bet by this point you are wondering what the heck my trip down memory lane has to do with technology staffing, right? Now bear with me here but I think you are going to see the connection. Let’s begin with the small company or start-up – how did you find staff? Well mostly you tried to personally recruit your old associates and friends or maybe you tried an online tool. Most of them weren’t much more than automated want ads, but they still got the word out. It was time intensive (mostly yours) but fairly low cost with an OK result most of the time.

At some point you reached a mid-size work environment and a couple things changed. You might have an HR staff member who could do the initial job of finding candidates and you had more automated tools you could access (remember Monster?) You might still do some asking around, but it wasn’t your primary way of finding new staff. For the most part these options were an improvement, but you still had to weed out a lot of candidates that HR thought were a good fit, along with people who maybe fudged a little on the resume. Less time intensive for you and a slightly higher cost in personnel and tools.

And then you realized you really didn’t want to read all those resumes to find the few gems who might be a good fit that had responded to the ads on one of the many job boards available as well as social media. So, what’s the next logical step? Well like my high-performance sports car, you wanted someone who knew the industry, your business and had the resources to find the right candidates. That’s when the professional recruiter becomes your best partner. A recruiter knows their (your) industry, its current status and what’s on the horizon. They have a deep network who can help them find the right candidates, even the ‘hidden’ ones who weren’t looking for a new position. The professional recruiter will also take the time to understand the parameters of the position you are trying to fill, the technical skills needed as well as the soft skills. They will also take the time to understand your business and find the right fit for your culture.

I’m pretty sure you get that connection now, right? When you started out you made do with what you had but as your organization grew you wanted more qualified and knowledgeable support. Nothing is more of an investment in your company or one that you work for than the staff. And for something that important don’t you want the best help you can get? Working with a professional recruiter to fill your technology staffing needs can be cost-effective, time saving and most of all help you find the right person the first time!

As a leading technology recruiter, GATE believes in exploring all sources for the best match for your needs. Beyond just technical knowledge, we consider the equally important traits of leadership, dedication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills when evaluating candidates for your organization. Call us today at 877-369-GATE.