6 Gen Z Traits Employers Need To Know To Interest, Recruit, And Retain Them

Talent and HR experts have long been concerned about the impact of the millennial generation on the workplace. When it comes to Generation Z (or Gen Z), they’ve quickly supplanted the Millennial as the subject of scrutiny. The reason being that the oldest Millennials are approaching their middle age.

Each generation’s employment process is distinct, and Gen Zers are no exception. Gen Z, those born between 1995 and 2015, make up 32 percent of the global population in 2019. By 2020, they’ll make up 24 per cent of the workforce. It’s also vital to learn how to effectively hire them as they continue to enter the workforce in growing numbers.

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To execute a successful early talent acquisition plan and hiring playbook, you must first understand your audience.

What You Need To Know About Gen Z to Hire and Retain Them?

Being one of the youngest generational cohorts, Gen Zs came into a world where information, education, entertainment, and the burgeoning world of eCommerce are all on their smartphone, thanks to the recent technological advances.

Here’s what you need to learn about Generation Z, such as who and what they are, what they need in a job, and how much they can give your organization.

Gen Zs are More Tech-Savvy

Gen Zs are digital natives. Generation Z is more tech-savvy than any other generation. They have no reservations about using the internet for work, research, and socializing. They rapidly grow into new hardware, software, and features as technology evolves.

If your brand’s digital footprint is lacking, Gen Zers may be turned off. Keep an eye out for reviews and feedback online about what working for your brand is like for employees. This will assist you in getting Gen Z to perceive your brand positively and will allow you to expect questions they may have about working for you.

Gen Zs are Independent

Autonomy and independence are important to Gen Z, and they mirror this philosophy in the way they operate. They have access to thousands of years of collective knowledge through the internet and they are much more attuned to web surfing than seeking help.

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Gen Z, more than any prior generation, recognizes that there are viable alternatives to the standard 9-to-5 employment. Therefore, more employment independence can be very appealing to Generation Z prospects. Working independently is as crucial to Gen Z as setting their own deadlines, so go over the tasks they’ll be responsible for and show the expectations that come with it.

They Appreciate a Positive Work Culture

If a recruitment target has a negative perception of your company culture, they will most likely not proceed with the process. This goes above and beyond any perks and benefits you provide. Culture should begin with the hiring process and continue through the company’s high-level decision-making process. If that is not shown to them early on, they may move to a competitor.

The approach to culture should begin with the first interaction with a candidate. HR should be trained to mention branding and value to candidates.

Gen Zers want to work for a company that not only has their back but also wants their success. A company’s culture is defined not only by what it says about itself but also by what it does.

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Flexible Work Options are Expected

Generation Z workers prefer to work remotely or wherever they are most comfortable. As they are often more fluent in digital tools. They want to work from wherever it is most convenient for them, which could be their home, the workplace, or a coworking space.

Flexibility extends beyond where we work. Consider enabling management teams to guide the employees in increasing their productivity. Generation Z also wants workplace flexibility that allows them to take time off as needed, enjoy the benefits of remote work options, and enjoy a lifestyle of “disconnecting” when necessary. More employees, particularly millennials and Generation Zers, value the concept of achieving sustainable work-life balance. If they cannot work from anywhere, employers should at the very least offer flexible working hours.

Gen Zs Seek a Healthy Work-Life Balance

It is critical to work for an employer that promotes a healthy work/life balance. In recent years, experts have abandoned the term “work-life balance” in favor of a more accurate description of the modern work experience: “work-life integration.” Hiring Gen Z workers causes you, as an employer, to assist in achieving that balance. Rigid work-hour, output, and location requirements can stifle overall productivity and creativity. Working with employees to encourage autonomy in their working styles can keep them engaged and allow them to take charge of their job performance, which influences the company’s growth and profitability.

Gen Zs are on The Lookout for Growth

Most members of Generation Z value and deserve a clear set of development opportunities that allow them to not only advance in their roles but also learn new skills. Generation Z expects complete transparency about genuine opportunities for advancement from the start. They are less concerned with job titles and more concerned with their opportunities for advancement. Employers must create an internal talent marketplace where employees can find opportunities that interest them and try out responsibilities outside of their current roles.

It is dangerous and stressful to jump from one company to the next. The prospect of advancing in one’s career keeps Gen Z happy.

Tips To Attract Gen Z Candidates

1.   Begin your search early

Begin targeting Generation Z candidates sooner than you plan.

2.   Create a brand presence

Your online presence can either be what attracts Generation Z or become a constant barrier.

3.   Demonstrate your impact on society

The core values of social responsibility are deeply ingrained in Generation Z.

4.   Showcase your employee incentives

When it comes to employee incentives, Generation Z job seekers are no different from other generations. They anticipate adequate medical coverage, an appealing vacation package, and substantial retirement savings.

5.   Invest in hiring technology

Gen Zers grew up in a technologically advanced world. They are looking for high-tech job application experience.
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1.   Offer Mentorship

A solid career path within an organization may solve the problem of losing talent to other employers.

Wrapping it all up

Consider this generation’s work preferences as it continues to enter and transform the workplace to recruit, retain, and strengthen its promising talent. They know what they want and expect a lot from their bosses, but they also put forth a lot of effort. Money is important to them, but it isn’t everything. They prefer employers who share their values because who they work for is an extension and expression of their personality. They’ll be eager to join your team if you can match their excitement and commitment to making a difference in the world.

Gate Staffing is on a mission to find the right staff for all of our partners. Are you ready to make the leap into adding Gen Zers to your workforce? Then, reach out to us to find the right talent for you.