The tech industry is booming and today’s tech job seekers are online savvy and well versed in using digital media, utilizing networks and communities to build their profiles, connecting and engaging with other candidates and companies or to find a top tech recruiter partner to help them find their next job.

Whether you are an entry level tech personnel, IT professional, top level system analyst or have any other tech-related skills, here are some websites to help you find the right match for your skillsets or if you are a hiring manager or recruiter you may want to create your own profile and get connected. Thank us later.

Top Tech Job Search Sites

1. GATE Staffing, LLC.

search browse find tech jobsGATE is a full-service staffing firm specializing in Information Technology, software and database development recruiting and staff augmentation. To meet the multiple demands of our partners, Gate offers a variety of solutions to meet our partner’s needs including full-time, retainer, direct hire, contract-to-hire and contract staffing. GATE utilizes the most advanced digital tools that can seamlessly integrate existing information from social media, etc. we develop and maintain a robust database of technical candidates.

What makes GATE unique to tech job seekers is the exclusivity they offer candidates seeking matches with highly reputable companies, from startups to fortune 50 companies. GATE believes in transparency, accountability and building long term relationships with our partners and candidates.

Are you a candidate looking for employment in long island, brooklyn, westchester or the new york area or in DC or Nashville? Browse from GATE’s active tech jobs to see if there is a match to what you are looking for.

2. Indeed Prime

find tech jobs indeed primeFocus: General IT jobs

Many people already know of Indeed – the job hiring board that has made a name for itself in the world of recruitment. However, not many have heard about Indeed Prime.

This platform is the answer of the company behind Indeed to taking care of the specific needs of the tech industry.

We love Indeed Prime because it is free for candidates. Indeed Prime ensures all candidates are screened and approved before they have their profiles sent to companies and employers who might be interested in the candidate’s skillset.

Building on the success of Indeed as a leader in the staffing industry, Indeed Prime has already taken flight as one of the most preferred IT staffing platforms.

3. Stack Overflow

find tech jobs stack over flowFocus: Programming and Development

Stack Overflow has been around for a while now – as far back as 2008.

It was initially created as a platform where developers and programmers could come together to share their knowledge on specific matters, programming languages, and so much more. The platform has also provided an avenue for programmers from all around the world to learn from one another while collaborating where need be.

Down the line, though, the creators of the platform saw fit to include a job’s section. While they are also focused on IT jobs, the nature of the website itself means programming and software development jobs will take more precedence over others.

4. Dice

find tech jobs diceFocus: IT-related jobs

Those who knew Dice from way back in the day might argue that the website is not focused on the tech industry alone. That would be right in a way, and wrong on most grounds.

Dice might have started out as a general job board, but the company deviated along the line to focus on offering services in only the tech industry. Like most other job boards, candidates are required to fill out their profile before getting it sent out to potential employers.

The service is not only used by top companies to fill openings in the IT positions, but also gets more than 2 million unique visitors every month. That surely helps put candidates out there.

5. Hired

find tech jobs search hired.comFocus: General IT jobs

Unlike the others on this list, Hired does not focus on only the tech industry. That could make searching for specific jobs a little more challenging since they will not always be under the same section. Setting up job alerts for the kind of jobs you are looking for, though, should clear up the problem for you in no time.

What we love the most about Hired is not that it is simply a job board. We appreciate the extra effort put into setting up talent advocates who help candidates prepare for all interviews. On top of that, Hired guarantees you a $300 bonus if candidates do get hired.

What’s there not to love?

6. Angel List

find tech jobs search angelFocus: Start-ups

Are you one of those people looking to grow with a start-up? Are you currently out of school and would love to hone your skills with a start-up? Would you like to launch a start-up of your own, but would love to see how they run first?

Angel List is the place to be.

The platform is an all-in-one location for angel investors and people seeking to work in start-ups. Given that most of the start-ups are hiring to fill a tech role, or are tech-based on their own, you can never go wrong here.

Lest we forget, there are more than 24,000 start-ups on the platform – and a lot of these start-ups are always expanding.

7. LinkedIN

find job search linkedinFocus: All jobs

LinkedIn might be the last on this list, but it is definitely not the least. Most recruiters and job seekers are already aware that it is one of the top business networks online but it doesn’t quite make the top half of our list for technology however, we will mention that LinkedIn is still the first point of call for many hiring managers and head hunters looking to fill IT roles.

Make sure your profile is up to date, network with the right people and look at the jobs section once in a while. You never can tell what you will find – or who will find you!