uhm, tell me again what are they?

When searching for a new employment opportunity, it’s the little things that make the difference. Forgetting any one of these things can make you fall way down on the list of potential hires. Here’s a quick list to remind yourself what the little things are and how they can help you.

  1. Research the hiring manager, not just the company or industry.

    There is nothing more flattering to any of us than someone knowing a bit about us. It isn’t really difficult, just check out the person who’s going to be interviewing you on social media, starting with their LinkedIn profile. Don’t go overboard, that can be creepy! But knowing a few of the slightly more personal, professional facts shows your interest and effort. Hopefully, you’ll find an area of common interest or something worth mentioning. A few well-researched items can make you stand out to the interviewer.

  2. Make sure the interviewer knows you are excited about the opportunity;

    companies want to hire people who want to work there—so be that person. If you believe this opportunity is the next step on your career ladder, make sure that everyone you meet with knows it too. When an interviewer asks you one of those ‘tricky’ questions like ‘what gets you going in the morning?’ or ‘what’s at the top of your bucket list?’ they are probably trying to gauge your level of enthusiasm about something that excites you, so let your personality shine through!

  3. Be engaged and responsive during the interview and the entire hiring process.

    Engage actively in every discussion and ask relevant questions when and where appropriate. If the interviewer requests other documentation or materials, respond as quickly as possible. Take the lead in your hiring process. The recruiter is probably working with multiple candidates, you are working only with yourself. Stay top of mind by following up. These and other similar behaviors prove your interest in the company and position.’

  4. Your questions should be focused on the position and the company.

    Inquire about company culture, how team members usually interact, and the social footprint of the company. These questions should be based on your research about the company and serve to deepen your knowledge and understanding. These further show your enthusiasm for the job and prove you’ve done your research. You want to convey your commitment to helping your employer vs. just figuring out what’s ‘in it for you.’

  5. Follow-up is important.

    Send personal thank-you notes to everyone you met with, preferably hand-written and stamped. The notes should be professional and express your gratitude for their time. Verify your email and voice mail message are professional, check and clear your voice mail often so anyone calling doesn’t get the ‘this mailbox is full’ message.

Most of these suggestions are common sense and you are probably already familiar with most if not all of them. However, its always a good idea to review these basic ideas before an interview. Some professional recruiters will do a ‘mock interview’ with you so you can test your skills and comfort level. Remember, it’s the little things that make a difference.

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