Digital-Ready WorkforceDigital transformation requires talent as the world adapts to the growth in technological innovations—the needs and expectations of the business change, which directly affects employees.

There will be new business objectives across organizations after the crisis that will require IT to adapt to new technology roles and develop new skills.

Now, how can businesses ensure that their tech talent can adapt effectively to digital transformations?

We suggest building a digital-ready workforce.

A strategic workforce plan is critical to building a continuous pipeline of high-caliber talent. The following strategies are what we think could work best to help organizations build a digital-ready workforce.

Recruiting For Technical Versatility: 

Versatility has been an ongoing theme since the world was compelled to go remote. Most organizations and employees have had to change the way they do business and find creative ways to keep productivity levels high.

Your tech talent needs to hold valuable skills and maintain a competitive edge. Sure, having focused expertise is excellent! But, for many employees, versatility can prove even more critical.

When seeking to build a digital-ready workforce, make sure that you seek staff with the ability to adapt and work in more versatile technology roles.

Focus on Collaborations and Engagement: 

Employee engagement translates into protecting and fostering your greatest asset, the human capital.

For too long, employee engagement has been viewed as the sole responsibility of the HR department. However, the trend is fast changing today as research derives more meaningful connections between employee engagement and business success.

Remember, employees, are the very foundation of a business’s success. Unless your talent is self-driven, no business can flourish at any location, especially in the case of remote teams.

Your organization must drive employee satisfaction and engagement with its remote teams. More and more companies rely on remote teams to carry out essential functions that drive a digital-ready workforce.

Create Experienced-Based Careers: 

We are in the age of continuous innovation; therefore, we will be left behind the digitalization wheel if we stop learning.

Lack of opportunity for career growth is a common reason good employees leave companies—and it’s key to attracting the best talent. If you don’t have a solid program in place, do it now.

Step up in-house training, reimburse for outside training, and offer practical training opportunities to use new skills for real-world tasks.

Give staff experience for growth.

Build a Team Structure: 

The term “teamwork makes the dream work” is the most relevant aspect of an organization’s success.

Open and accurate communication both between the team members and between the team and the larger organization is critical to keep members informed, motivated, and focused. Part of the communication process involves establishing roles, making plans, and following standard business protocols and procedures.

Team members need detailed explanations of how their actions contribute to the achievement of the team goals. Team priorities should be established to understand when and where to provide additional help if needed.

Mix your departments such as delivery teams with your tech talent and staff from other functions to agile at scale.

Form a Digital Ready Company Culture: 

Organizations need to embrace digital to progress. The fast pace of technological changes means that the way we do business has also changed quickly, and the right underlying digital-ready culture is imperative.

A robust digital culture starts with a good foundation laid by the leadership in the organization and aligning employees to a shared vision for digital. Team members need to be not only involved but active change agents for the digital culture.

Without this shared vision and focus on core digital-ready competencies, it will be difficult for any large organization to transform into a digital frontrunner.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to promote appropriate risk-taking and adaptability to digital business models.

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