This Week in Tech Recap we highlight 5G Networking Investments, The New Windows 11, Space travel tickets, and Another Google Invention?

5G Networking5G networking has been here for a while now, and more businesses are now starting to get the bigger picture. For this week’s tech recap, we take a look at how companies are investing more into CXOs and 5G networking.

We also look into how the Microsoft Windows 11 will work, the new space travel opportunities, and the latest Google invention!

CXOs and 5G edge networks

Tech leaders are increasingly developing ambitious business strategies to harness powerful, data-fueled technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to turbocharge innovation, increase efficiency, and make their organizations more agile, and now, that means investing in CXOs and 5G edge networks.

As demand for more powerful networking and digital capabilities grows, 5G edge computing technologies can offer organizations the capabilities needed to unleash the subsequent phases of innovation, efficiency, and agility – even though some people are still skeptical about 5G and how it works.

Read here for more.

Microsoft announces Windows 11

If you are a Microsoft customer, you might want to look at this update.

Microsoft earlier this week officially announced Windows 11, the next version of its desktop operating system. Microsoft plans to release Windows 11 to the general public by the holidays, so we can probably expect it sometime around late November.

While the company may have once said that Windows 10 was the last version of Windows, forgoing major point launches for a regular cadence of bi-annual upgrades, it believes that the changes — especially the redesigned user interface — in this update warrant a new version number.

Read more here about how this latest version of Windows will work.

Reservations for Flights to The Edge of Space.

Have you always wanted to travel to the edge of space? Well, here’s an opportunity to make those dreams a reality.

This week, Space Perspective – a Florida-based balloon company, announced they were opening reservations to book a ticket on their spaceship Neptune One, which will reach the edge of space with balloon assistance.

The price? Click here to find out more.

Another Google Invention: 

A new suite of algorithms by Google Brain can now design computer chips—tailored explicitly for running AI software—that vastly outperform those created by human experts. And the system works in just a few hours, dramatically slashing the weeks- or months-long process that normally gums up digital innovation.

Designers are a type of machine learning called deep reinforcement learning at the heart of these robotic chips.

This is how this family of algorithms works.

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